Monday, May 19, 2014

Thoughts on the season 3 finale of NBC's "Grimm" and speculation about how season 4 will start

Season 3 of NBC's fantasy/thriller "Grimm" is in the books, and it ends with a doozy of a cliffhanger. I've got thoughts on the episode and about how the cliffhanger will be resolved next season.


There were two storylines going on in this episode. One was Monroe (the big bad wolf) and Rosalee's (the fox potionmaker) wedding and the typical pre-dinner festivities/inevitable last-minute disaster (Rosalee's sister gets drunk and ruins her wedding dress). The other was Adelinde's mission, required by the Royals as part of the effort to get her child back (except she doesn't know that they don't actually have her daughter) to seduce Nick, thereby stealing his Grimm powers. She accomplishes this by making a potion to take on Juliette's appearance and showing up at Nick's house at a time she knows that Juliette is out. Captain Reynard figures out Adelinde's plan but is too late in warning Nick. By the time Reynard shows up at Nick's house, Nick and Juliette are already off to the wedding; during the drive, Juliette confronts Nick about the evidence that he'd slept with someone, which confuses him because he believed he had slept with her. Reynard is able to get the address of wedding from Trubel and sets off with a vial of the green shapeshifting potion, which will somehow restore Nick's power if he imbibes it. As Reynard steps out of the house, he gets shot three times in the chest by supposed FBI agent Weston Steward, who sees Trubel and pursues her upstairs. Trapping her in a bedroom, he turns into his wesen form and proceeds to get his ass kicked by Trubel, who cuts his head off with a machete. She takes the vial of green stuff and Reynard's keys and drives to the wedding. Predictably, chaos ensures when she shows up at the wedding, which is full of wesen, who freak out at the sight of a Grimm. (Nick was supposedly okay because he was wearing dark sunglasses, which prevented the wesen from seeing his Grimm eyes.) Of course, the vial gets smashed on the ground and precious green liquid spills all over the floor. The episode ends with Nick realizing that he never saw any of the wesen in their natural form, meaning that he's lost his Grimm powers.

* Is Captain Reynard going to die? Things didn't look good, with three tightly clumped chest shots, lots of blood, and a final scene in the ambulance where he coughs a big chunk of blood into his oxygen mask. However, Reynard is some kind of special half-wesen/half-Royal bastard, and he seems to have some special powers. The ability to survive seemingly mortal wounds could easily be one of those.

* Is Nick done being a Grimm? Well, the episode did set up tension between him and Juliette through the unwitting cheating with Adelinde, with Juliette once again getting fed up with Nick's life as a Grimm. It's got to be at least tempting to Nick to walk away from all of this wesen stuff and live a normal life. (It's not unlike the episode "The Paradise Syndrome" of the original "Star Trek," where Captain Kirk loses his memory and joins a Native American-like tribe on an alien planet, and the simpler life strongly appeals to his subconscience.)

* While it's a possibility that Trubel will become the main Grimm, I think it's more likely that she continues in a spin-off. So here's how I think Nick gets his powers back: Reynard doesn't die, and he gives the team the answer: go to the storage shed belonging to Adelinde's mom, where they can find more of the green liquid, which Nick then drinks. Voila, powers restored! Of course, that won't resolve the tension between Nick and Juliette.

* As I said, it was quite predictable that Weston Steward would get his head handed to him (ha ha) by Trubel, but it was still pretty satisfying to watch. Actress Jacqueline Toboni (and her stunt double) really execute the action scenes!

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