Sunday, May 4, 2014

Popular Mechanic's top 10 best TV cop shows

I'm not sure how Popular Mechanics' journalistic jurisdiction reaches TV cop shows, but that magazine has its list of the 10 best ever such shows:

10. Hawaii 5-0 (original)

9. Wiseguy

8. Dragnet

7. Miami Vice

6. CSI: Miami

5. Law & Order

4. NYPD Blue

3. The Wire

2. The Shield

1. Hill Street Blues

Of these, I've watched many episodes of "Hawaii 5-0," "Miami Vice," "CSI: Miami," and every episode of "The Shield." ("The Wire" will join "The Shield" on my list this summer.) "Wiseguy" was on during a time, believe it or not, when I watched very little TV; otherwise, I think I would've liked it. I'll have to see if it streams or if it's on DVD to borrow from the library.

I've seen a few episodes of "Law & Order," and it's okay but not particularly interesting to me. The same is true for "Hill Street Blues."

As for the ones that I've seen a fair number of, I liked "Hawaii 5-0" but prefer the new version for its intentional comedy.

"Miami Vice" was groundbreaking at the time but the few times I've come across reruns now, it seems pretty dated.

"CSI: Miami" is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. It's so over-the-top ridiculous, with every one sauntering around, and David Caruso's penchant for taking his sunglasses off at the oddest times, not to mention the cheesy one-liners that end the teaser segment. I wait for it, grade it, and then see if I can come up with an even cheesier line.

"The Shield" is just fantastic.

How can Popular Mechanics have forgotten "Justified"? Hey, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens counts as a cop, right? I mean, he chases down fugitives and brings them to justice.... "Justified" has season-long (and more) arcs, whipsmart dialogue, and a terrifically understated performance by Timothy Olyphant as Givens.

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