Friday, May 9, 2014


When I started running back at the beginning of 2011, it was a struggle to finish a mile in 10 minutes. Two miles? Forget about it.

I'm no cheetah now, but it's a tangible sign of progress that, despite being closer to age 50 than 40 (there's a reassuring thought....), I ran 1/4 mile repetitions today at sub-6:30 pace, with recovery intervals of 1/8 mile at a 10:00 pace. That's right, what was once my goal pace is now an easy enough pace that it allows me to recover from a repetition that's faster than my 5K pace. (I suppose this may be overly ambitious, but perhaps one day, my recovery pace will be 8:00....)

So, today's run was a warm-up mile @ 8:35 pace, and then 12 x 1/4 mile repetitions with 1/8 mile jog recovery @ 10:00, and then a cool down 1/2 mile @ 8:35 pace. The first eight repetitions were @ 6:22 pace (i.e., 9.4 speed on the treadmill), then two @ 6:11 (9.7 speed), and the last two @ 6:00 (10 speed).

Total time was 46:40 for six miles. This is another indicator of progress, as my interval workouts used to average around 9 min/mile because of long recoveries. I suppose I could run faster repetitions and walk the recoveries, but I feel like this is a more effective approach, and one study sort of agrees.

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