Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oregonian profile of Jacqueline Toboni (aka Trubel) of NBC's "Grimm"

Oregon Live, which is the online content manager of The Oregonian, has a profile of Jacqueline Toboni, the actress who plays "Trubel" on NBC's "Grimm." It's a pretty neat account of how Toboni scored the guest-starring role while still in college at the University of Michigan:
In a whirlwind few days, Toboni taped herself auditioning for the "Grimm" role on a Saturday, got the call the "Grimm" producers wanted to see her on Sunday morning, and flew out to Los Angeles.
 It also shows how much of a role luck plays in casting; the co-creator/producer happened to be in Ann Arbor speaking to an acting class because he was visiting his daughter.

So far, I think Toboni has done a really good job at portraying Trubel as a prickly, guarded, Grimm apprentice. I still suspect NBC is weighing a "Grimm: Trubel" spin-off.

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