Friday, May 16, 2014

Can't go to Disneyland? Go for a run instead!

Final grades for graduating law students were due today, and while I wouldn't get fired or anything if I missed the deadline, I'm one of those dutiful rule followers. Of course, to prepare myself for the last day of grading, I did an 8-mile speed session (9 x 1/2 mile reps @ 6:30 pace) this morning. Then I worked my way steadily through the last two exam questions in my upper division course, compiled overall exam results on my spreadsheet, set the curve, and emailed the grade sheet for both spring courses (I had finished the other course earlier) and all independent study papers to the Registrar's Office.


Now, this is what I felt like proclaiming:

But alas, I haven't lived in Southern California in a l-o-n-g time. So I did the next best thing, which is, I went for an easy recovery run in the sunshine. I suppose that might seem a bit excessive, given the morning speed session, but I just love running. 26 minutes, three miles . . . yeah, that's the ticket.

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