Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NBC's "America's Got Talent": day 1 auditions

Yes, I watch "America's Got Talent." It's summer, so, um, standards are different, or something like that. (Besides, it's not like I don't have any standards; after all, even I gave up on Fox's "I Wanna Marry Harry.")

My thoughts on the opening day auditions:


* the 9-year-old keyboard playing genius: In the seasons that I've watched (season 5 and later), the only kid who's gone really far was Jackie Evancho, so you have to wonder how far he'll get, though I expect he'll at least get to the next round.

* the comedian: This dude was quite funny. Good snappy pace, a couple of connected themes to his jokes. If he's got the material, he should do well. I think he's at least as good as Tom Cotter, who finished second in season 7.

* the daredevil acrobat: Danger acts seem not to do that well on "AGT," so as good as he was, I don't see him in the finals. I'd expect him to make it to the next stage.

* Mr. Atom (the 93-year-old strongman): That takes some strong teeth to pull a car! I question whether he can show enough variety, apart from the novelty of accomplishing feats at his age, to keep getting votes.

* opera-singing sisters: Pretty unexpected singing voices; one might have expected more soul or country. They'll probably go deep.

* martial arts clowns: I was with the female judges on not seeing the talent here. Usually, I agree with Howard Stern. I'm kind of stunned that Howard would use his only golden save of the season on these guys. I'm not even sure they'll make it to the next stage.

* the dancers: Not my thing but they looked very graceful. They'll do well.

* the young guy singer: Meh. There are so many singing competitions that I just don't find singers all that special. But they do extremely well, having won most of the early seasons.

The highlight of the show, of course, was the mime who got four Xs and stood there with a confused look when handed a mic, but then all of a sudden started talking back, demanding of the judges, "Do you know how hard it is to stand there and stay silent? No, because all you do is talk!" And then he started laying into each of the judges. And then he stormed toward the panel . . . security was nowhere to be found . . . and the mime revealed himself as host Nick Cannon in whiteface.

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