Sunday, May 11, 2014

NBC's 2014-15 new dramas

NBC has announced its new fall dramas (comedies too, but I don't watch those so have nothing to say):

* "A.D.": Kind of a follow-up to "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett's miniseries "The Bible," which had pretty good ratings, so this probably will too as a 12-episode miniseries. Pass.

* "Allegiance": A CIA analyst learns that his parents are actually Russian sleepers who are about to be activated for a terrorist plot. Hmm, sounds like 20 years after FX's "The Americans".... Or maybe that old River Phoenix movie "Little Nikita." NBC doesn't have a good track record with serialized dramas, but I'm a sucker for terrorism-related shows, so I'll probably give this a try. Short leash.

* "Aquarius": Set in 1967, this drama follows an LAPD detective (played by "The X-Files"' David Duchovny) who's on the trail of Charles Manson and his cultists. The show description optimistically predicts that the cat-and-mouse hunt will last several seasons. I doubt that. Can the show really generate that much loyalty and patience when we know what happened? Pass.

* "Constantine": John Constantine has supernatural powers and is damned to Hell, but he's drawn to fight demons to save the daughter of one of his oldest friends. The comic book source material spawned a bad (or so I'm told) movie starring Keanu Reeves. This doesn't sound much better. The last serious TV show involving Hell was Fox's "Brimstone," about a damned cop who gets a reprieve from eternal damnation to track down 113 escaped souls. I thought it was okay, but not too many viewers agreed with me, and it was quickly canceled. I predict the same result here. Pass.

* "Emerald City": Hmm, ABC's "Once Upon a Time" is a hit, so let's try to make our own -- that must have been the thinking here. Modern woman gets caught up in a tornado and finds herself in Oz. I guess this might be okay. Short leash.

* "The Mysteries of Laura": A soap opera(?) about an NYPD detective/mom/soon-to-be-divorcee. Zzzzzz. Pass.

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