Friday, August 29, 2014

Now I kind of know how Tantalus felt

In Greek mythology, Tantalus was the guy who was punished in the underworld by having to stand in water below a fruit tree, all the while feeling terrible hunger and thirst. Yet, when he reached for the fruit or bent down for the water, each would move out of his reach. It's the image of eternal temptation that can never be satiated.

Now I kind of know how he felt. Not the eternal part, of course. But I just got back from a trip to SoCal, and we were staying in Anaheim. Not too far from Disneyland, in fact, though we didn't go into the parks. We did, however, spend part of one blazing hot afternoon at Downtown Disney.

This happened to be right before the Labor Day Weekend, which happens to be the weekend for a bunch of Disneyland road races.

Therefore, driving to the parking lot required driving right under the start line of the 5K race, and at Downtown Disney, there were lots and lots of people were wearing race shirts from previous Disneyland races. I saw "Goofy Challenge," "Dopey Challenge," "Double Dare," and "Run Disney" shirts, among others. All of it reminded me that I have yet to run a Disney race....

What was even more irksome about all of this is that the 5K was on Friday morning. Our flight home was on Friday afternoon, so I easily could've run the race on our schedule. I just wasn't paying attention and didn't realize that we'd be in town for the 5K. (The longer races are over the rest of the long weekend.)

Oh well, it had probably sold out before we finalized our plans. Right????

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