Thursday, August 14, 2014

Runner's World's "Food Pyramid for Runners"

Ha ha ha! Even though I don't have the best diet (mostly because my lunches are frequently nutritional disasters), this turns out to be strikingly inaccurate for me.

Liquids: I am apparently quite idiosyncratic. I haven't drank coffee since I tried it December 31, 1984; it was so foul-tasting that I've never tried it again. Gatorade is okay, but I almost never buy it. I'm allergic to alcohol so no beer for me. It's pretty much water, milk, juice, and lots of soda.

Donuts: I'm immune to the charms of donuts, mostly.

Bars: I'll have granola bars occasionally, and I go through phases where I eat dark chocolate, but these don't make up a whole lot of my food intake.

Gels: I've heard that salted caramel Gu is to die for, but I'm not big on these either.

Ice Cream: Okay, I have my share of this.

Fries and stuff that go with fries: Er, remember what I said about my lunches' being nutritional disasters....?

Foods we fantasized about on our last run: I do sometimes plan what I'm going to have for lunch during my morning runs, but that's usually thinking about Chipotle, not "chocolate bacon pancake spaghetti burgers"....

Cheesy things shaped like triangles: I'm not big on cheese, except on pizzas. I do have a weakness for potato chips and popcorn chips.

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