Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm a pretty mediocre bowler, and I have an unorthodox (i.e., bad) technique. I almost always score 100 or more, but 130 or so is my best.

Today was the last day of a summer deal at our local bowling alley, so we headed over after the family fantasy football draft. The bowling alley was having a special promotion where there were occasional colored pins that would show up. If you had the colored one in the first spot and you got a strike, you'd win free bowling through Halloween.

I was having a subpar first game when a red pin showed up in the first spot. Now, if it wasn't enough pressure that a skilled (or in my case, lucky) roll was needed right then, I had to wave over one of the employees to watch. Actually, there were two of them.

As I said, I have a weird way of bowling. I've never quite mastered the curve, so instead I throw it straight, and for some reason, with backspin.

But while I am inconsistent, I can also be lucky. It was a clear, no doubt about it STRIKE. I had only four strikes out of 19 frames*, but I happened to get one of them when it really made a difference.
* We timed out before I got to my last frame in game 2. We could've gone to get it added back, but it was getting close to dinner time and it was the day before school was starting for the kids, so I let it go. If I'd been on pace for a PR, I would've stayed, but it was another mediocre game.
The game itself was meh, as I finished with 105. Game 2 wasn't much better, as I had 100 through 9 frames before the time-out. I guess that's a 111 pace, though.

Anyway, now that I have free games for the next months, I should sneak out on Friday afternoons and get, like, 5 games for practice by myself....

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