Saturday, September 13, 2014

What is MeTV doing with "Mission: Impossible"???

What in the world is MeTV doing with "Mission: Impossible"? The 60s/70s spy show is on at 11:30 pm every night, and until recently, the episodes were being shown in the order in which they originally aired. (As with many shows, the order in which episodes aired is not always the order in which they were produced. I have Patrick White's excellent book that covers everything about "Mission: Impossible," so I'm able to determine both the broadcast order and the production order.)

Having endured the Peter Graves-less first season (in which Law & Order's Steven Hill played robotic team leader Dan Briggs), I felt entitled to see seasons 2-7 in order. Well, I was less interested in season 6-7, where the IMF team mostly took on domestic organized crime.

For a few weeks, season 2 episodes aired in exactly the order I expected.

And then, all of a sudden, a third season episode aired out of order. And then an earlier third season episode, and then a sixth season episode, and now it looks like we're getting fourth season episodes. (Interesting side note: Martin Landau and Barbara Bain left the series after three years. Landau was replaced by . . . Leonard Nimoy, which is doubly interesting since Landau was offered the role of Spock but turned it down for "Mission: Impossible"!)

I still enjoy catching up on this show, but it's quite disorienting to be getting essentially random episodes thrown at us.

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