Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yikes, killer dogs!

DFP 0724_DFP_dogs_kill_man_WEB_HANDOUT

This is not a comforting story . . . a runner in Detroit got mauled to death by a pair of dogs. A fortysomething man, just like me(!). From the news story:
The dogs were apparently running free on the road where the attack took place. Neighbors fired shots into the air to try to scare the dogs off the jogger.
Afterward, the dogs retreated to their owner's home.
It certainly makes my coyote chasing not such a great idea, it seems. I did get kind of attacked by a dog once while running. The dog's owner had him on a leash, fortunately, but when I ran past them going uphill, the dog lunged at me with a paw before the owner could pull him away. It didn't rip my tech shirt or otherwise break my skin, but it did leave a long and not insignificant scratch on my chest.

Now I try to give dogs wide clearance.

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