Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NBC's "America's Got Talent": another night of auditions

I've lost track of how many audition nights there've been of "America's Got Talent," but here we are with yet another installment. I'm skipping the acts that were absolutely horrible.

* Rogue (magician): Asian dude did a variation of the "audience member is given a set of lethal weapons, one of which is armed, to use against the magician." In this case, the implements were staple guns. Mel B. was the designated assistant, and she loaded one of the staple guns. Rogue stuffed them into a bag and had her pull them out one at a time, using her "intuition" to decide if it was the loaded one. If she felt it wasn't loaded, he had her put it against his head and pull the trigger. I'm not sure how he did the trick but the presentation was good; he really had Mel B. freaked out!

* Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson (comedy rap): I didn't get this routine, and neither did most of the other judges, but Howie Mandel used his golden buzzer to save them.

* Loops Rawlins (trick rope artist): Cowboy did neat tricks with a rope lasso, including a flaming one at one point. I think you can see these at rodeos and other Western-themed events, but he had a certain charisma to him.

* Beach Avenue (musical band): Eh, they were fine, but I'm biased against musical acts on this show.

* (band with the Irish female lead singer): She had a vocal sound reminiscent of "The Cranberries," and the entire group looked good. Will probably do very well.

* Joe Matarese (stand up comic): The judges and the audience loved this guy. I thought he was just okay, even though I should've been the target audience (same age, parent to young kids). He wasn't as good as the comic on the first night.

* Sal Gonzalez (singer/former Marine): Guy lost a leg in Iraq and now works with the Wounded Warrior project. He has a soulful voice and a likeable persona.

* (popping trio): A short clip, but these guys were good!

* Kelli Glover (singer): Interesting story. She made it to Vegas on this show in 2009 and then got cut. Five years later, she's back. A very strong singer, although singing Whitney Houston songs is always risky.

* Darik Santos (stand up comic): This guy came across at first as really awkward, but his pre-act interview with the judges turned out to be hilarious. His set piece consisted of lots of puns delivered in an intentionally stilted manner. I'm not sure how long his quirkiness will last.

* Ray Jessel (musician): Looking a lot like Albert Einstein, this 84-year-old guy started playing a keyboard and singing an upbeat song about a wonderful woman with just one "flaw": a penis. Yeah, it was shockingly funny. But will there be a second act?

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