Thursday, July 3, 2014

How competitive eaters are able to handle ALL that food

I'm strangely fascinated by the world of competitive eating, though mostly around July 4th when there's the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest. It goes back to the days when Takeru Kobayashi took the world by storm: a skinny Japanese dude somehow downing way more hot dogs than these big beefy American guys.

You've got to wonder how much of that "food" gets vomited - and thus not absorbed - after the contest is over. But if not, that is an enormous amount of calories. It looks like there's about 300 calories in a Nathan's hot dog and bun. The record going into the 2014 contest was 69 hot dogs, by Joey Chestnut. That's about 20,700 calories!! (To put that in context, it's about 10 days worth absent exercise for a 150-pound male. Chestnut is quite a bit bigger, so maybe 7-8 days for him. Still....)

Here are the regular workout regimes of several competitive eaters, including Kobayashi. (I did not know that he has an arthritic jaw, but I guess that's not all that surprising. Too bad, though.)

No surprises there: a lot of cardio and weightlifting. Perhaps I should think about getting on the competitive eating circuit. . . .


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