Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fox's "24: Live Another Day": "9:00 - 10:00 pm" (episode 11)

I'm kind of busy with things, so no recap, just observations:

* The scene where Chloe pretends to trip so that she can grab the phone was great! It seemed too obvious for her to get away with, and sure enough, Cheng Zhi stopped her and took the phone from her. Later on, however, we saw that Chloe in fact outsmarted Cheng, because she had set the phone to record his menacing voice so that Jack would know.

* Speaking of Cheng, does anyone do a menacing growl better than actor Tzi Ma?

* So the Russians are still quite angry at Jack Bauer over what he did four years ago to their consulate office in New York. They're really going to love him now that he's slaughtered another group of their "diplomats."

* I thought Tate Donovan did a nice job with his scenes this episode, particularly the one where Mark Boudreaux learns that the Russians attacked Jack and Kate, and then it dawns upon him that Jack is going to come after him.

* The answer to the time jump is . . . the last episode will cover 13 hours! Previews suggest scenes in the United States, so something like 6 hours can be chewed up in flight time.

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