Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun with BMI percentile calculators (don't take this stuff too seriously)

Huh, this BMI percentile calculator, which incorporates your gender and age, considers me "underweight" and at the 3d percentile for M40-49. Gaining 2 pounds would bump me up to "normal range" and 5th percentile, so I guess it doesn't really think I'm that emaciated. This page (same website) has some interesting "ideal weight" calculators, including one based on what other people of the same age/gender/height/weight think is their ideal weight - according to that one, I should gain 9 pounds. But then, the page notes that:
  • Many men tend to think that their ideal weight is near-to or higher-than a BMI of 25, which is the upper limit of the "medical" non-overweight range. This indicates that men generally under-appreciate the adverse medical risks of being overweight, including diabetes and heart attacks.
So maybe I won't go gorging on ice cream just yet. . . .

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