Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NBC's "America's Got Talent": day 4 auditions

It's day 4 of the auditions for "America's Got Talent." All in all, I thought it was a bit of a subpar night with only a couple of standout acts.

* Emily West (singer): She sang "Sea of Love" and did a good job with it. She has a quirky vibe and looks kind of like a young Bette Midler. I don't like seeing singers on "AGT" but she's one of better ones we've seen so far.

* Baila Conmigo (salsa dance troupe): They were fast, coordinated, and flashy. I could've done without the little kids, not that they weren't talented, but just that I find kids' acts to be gimmicky.

* Rachel Butera (impressionist): She wasn't bad but I wasn't as impressed as the judges were. The impressions sounded accurate, but as far as impressive impressionists go, the ones in past seasons have had something more.

* Legaci (nerdy looking singing group): That was unexpected. These guys looked like they would sound like William Hung, but they were quite good singers. How much did they benefit from low expectations? I guess we'll see in future weeks.

* Mat Franco (magician): WOW. When he asked to approach the judges with his deck of cards, I was thinking, "Hmm, is he going to be as good as Smoothini?" Well, it's hard to compare because they're such different acts even though both are close-up card tricks. As Howard Stern put it, this is something I've never seen before -- shuffling the deck repeatedly but still dealing out the right cards to tell a story (using numbers, face cards).

* Paul Ieti (singer): Strong voice a little reminiscent of Adam Levine, and a crowd-pleasing backstory (kid from America Samoa joins the military, and his singing is what gets him and his fellow soldiers through tough times in active deployment in Afghanistan).

* Christian Stoinev (hand balancer): You have got to be kidding! He didn't just balance on one hand; he did on one finger stuck in a bottle! He rotated the pole he was balanced on using just one hand! As impressive as the other hand balancer from last week was, this guy was better.

* Maggie Lane (scantily clad opera singer): Will guys with significant others be allowed to vote for her?

* The Doctor Benji (grandpa musician): I actually prefer it when they don't show the "joke" acts.

* Magical Voice Doctor (voice coach): Well, I guess seeing Howard Stern get humiliated was kind of funny.

* Josh Orlian (kid comedian): What a dirty mind he has for being a 12 year old kid! (Or is this what I should be expecting in a few years?)

* Laura Dasi (aerial performer): Very good, although to my untrained eye, these aerial performers all kind of look the same.

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