Saturday, November 8, 2014

ABC's "Once Upon a Time": who will be next to die?

"Once Upon a Time" doesn't rack up a body count the way "24" does, but it certainly hasn't been shy about killing off characters, including semi-main ones. It sounds like the deaths won't stop, per this interview with the creators/producers:
Is it possible for any couple on "Once Upon a Time" that isn't Snow White and Prince Charming to have a happy ending? On Oct. 31 showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz did a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly to answer fans' burning questions. One fan asked the duo if there would be any major character deaths in Season 4, to which Kitsis answers, "I hope so."
The article identifies the three most likely doomed ones: Hook, Rumplestiltskin, and Belle. I think we can rule out Rumplestiltskin quickly. He was already "killed" once before, during the season 3 winter finale, before subsequently reviving (at son Baelfire's expense). I don't think another death would be believable, at least not until the series finale.

Hook is more plausible, especially since Emma seems to be some kind of death curse on her boyfriends (let's see, the Huntsman, Baelfire/Neal, and the gargoyle, if you count him). But Hook has more charisma than those other guys put together, so I think he sticks around.

Could it be Belle then? Much more likely than the other two. Her storyline (Rumple's redemption as "Beast" to her "Beauty") has been mostly played out. I suppose the writers could squeeze some more life out of betrayal and distrust, with Rumple's apparent turn back to the Dark Side, but it risks being repetitive. And I do think the article is persuasive in noting the narrative possibilities arising from Rumple's losing Belle.

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