Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Amazon renews "Bosch" for a second season

Titus Welliver (as Harry Bosch), with Jamie Hector (as Jerry Edgar)
Good news, Amazon has renewed the serialized crime drama "Bosch" for a second season. I gave my thoughts on season 1 a few weeks ago after binge-watching the 10 episodes over a week. According the L.A. Times:
The second season, which could start streaming in early 2016, will draw primarily from Connelly's novel "Trunk Music." The season will also include elements of "The Last Coyote" and "The Drop."
Season 1 also drew from three novels, although it used only a part of the third one ("The Concrete Blonde") and otherwise melded together two.

I'm not surprised that "The Last Coyote" will be included in season 2. One of the penultimate scenes in season 1 was taken from the beginning of that book, and "The Last Coyote" storyline follows naturally from the end of the first season, when [SPOILER!!!!!]

... Bosch is placed on suspension for having assaulted Lt. Harvey "88" Pounds. During his suspension, Bosch decides to solve the mystery of who killed his mother. (His mother, a working prostitute until she was murdered when he was a preteen, was brought up frequently in the first season.)

Fun fact: when I got my copy of "The Last Coyote" signed by author Michael Connelly back in 2001, he wrote that he hoped I would enjoy it, because it was his favorite book that he had written. Of course, since then, he's written more than a dozen other books, so perhaps it no longer rates at the top of his list, but presumably he still has a special place in his heart for it.

"Trunk Music" is a twisty, taut mystery and should provide a solid framework for the second season. "The Drop" has a lot of city politics in it, although in the written oeuvre comes much later in Bosch's career, at a time when Deputy Chief Irving is City Councilman Irving. Either way, it's good news that actor Lance Reddick (who plays Irving) figures to have a lot of airtime.

Of course, the books can only provide so much clues as the season, because there are already quite significant deviations between the televised product and the published one, especially with regard to Bosch's ex-wife, Eleanor Wish. In the TV show, all we know is that she used to be an FBI profiler, now she's a professional Poker player, she left L.A. for Hong Kong and recently moved back to settle in Las Vegas with her Asian husband, and she and Bosch have a teenage daughter Maddie.

In the books [SPOILER!!!!!] ... the reason she's an ex-FBI agent is that she pleaded guilty to a felony at the end of the first book, and mainly because Harry threatened to give up her identity to a mobster if she didn't turn herself in. She served a short prison sentence, and was unable to find work other than playing Poker. Harry meets her again in "Trunk Music" and they rekindle their relationship, even getting married, but then she leaves him because she's restless and frustrated still with her inability to work. That's when Maddie is conceived, but Bosch doesn't find out about his daughter until she's a few years old. Later, Wish moves to Hong Kong, and then, well ... that's enough spoilers for now. Oh, and Wish was never a profiler. There's a different FBI agent named Rachel Walling who is a profiler, and with whom Bosch gets involved later.

Anyway, it sounds like it's going to be about a year before season 2 is released. Connelly will probably publish two more books in that time!

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