Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First world problems . . . so much TV, so little running time

This is obviously a "first world problem" of the most insignificant kind, unless, of course, you are TV obsessed like I am. But here it is: I'm slightly more than halfway through (re)watching season 5 of "24," but now that FX's "Justified" has started its sixth - and last - season, last year's episodes are now available for streaming via Amazon Prime.

"24," season 5 cast
Promo for "Justified," season 5
What am I to do? "24" is my favorite TV show of all-time, and season 5 is the best season of "24," which makes it the best of the best. On the other hand, "Justified" is really, really good. I think it's not quite as good of a show to watch while running, because it has a more laidback tone punctuated by occasional bits of violence, whereas "24" is nonstop suspense with lots more violence. Still, "Justified" is all new to me, which is obviously worth something extra.

For now, anyway, I've decided to power through "24." That meant I ran my long run today on the treadmill even though it was sunny and relatively mild outside. I know a lot of runners can't stand the treadmill. But I may be using it for the foreseeable future for at least a few more weeks . . . .

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