Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yeah, but does it have a full-size running track?

An artist's drawing of the Aqua Park planned for Norwegian
The Norwegian Escape (photo from USA Today)

Norwegian Cruise Lines has announced that its latest line of super cruise ships will have a giant water park with four water slides, full basketball court, and other sports-related stuff. What I want to know is if it has a regulation-size track lap for running. Maybe I'm too rigid in my expectations, but I don't really like odd length tracks where 1 mile = 9 laps or something like that.

Running on a cruise ship, by the way, is an interesting experience because of the Brownian motion. On some steps, you fall a long way down, and others almost feel like going uphill.

Not to mention, neither road running nor trail running lend themselves to the experience of seeing dolphins while you run!

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