Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Running can be a jealous mistress

Yesterday morning, I did a hard speed session: a warm up mile, then six 1/2 mile repetitions at a 6:00 pace with 1/4 mile recovery intervals at a 12:00 pace. After a short break, I ran an easy 1/2 mile and then cranked out a sub-6:00 mile (5:57 to be exact). That was a good start to a day. My plan from then on was to go for a short (~3 mile) recovery run in the late afternoon before taking my younger son to his soccer practice.

At 4:30 p.m., I left my office, ready to go for a second run of the day. However, I stopped to chat with a colleague. Damn interesting colleagues! Half an hour passed by, and there went my window for a recovery run. To make things worse, in the parking lot, I ended up chatting with another colleague for a bit. I ended up being late to taking my son to soccer!

Nevertheless, it was a good reminder that while running is important, it's not supposed to be life-consuming. I would've liked to have gotten the extra 3 miles in for the day, but it's not like I hadn't accomplished anything on the training front, as the speed session - 7 miles total - was a hard, quality workout. The 3 miles would've been mostly to relax.

Tim Noakes in The Lore of Running said something to the effect of making sure that you don't neglect friends and family for running. Good advice to keep in mind.

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