Friday, April 25, 2014

ABC's "Scandal" news (spoilers for season 3 finale)

SCANDAL-COLUMBUS-SHORT.jpgWhen season 4 of ABC's "Scandal" starts in the fall, who is going to be left to run Olivia Pope & Associates?

When we were first introduced to OPA, Olivia had a team of "gladiators," including surveillance expert Huck, lawyers Harrison Wright, Abby Whelan, and Stephen Finch, and new addition Quinn Perkins. Finch lasted just one season before being written out (with a happy ending, at least), as actor Ian Henry Cusick (aka Desmond on "Lost") left for other pursuits. Perkins ended up being seduced by the "dark side" and joining the mysterious black ops agency B613 (and was tortured and nearly killed by her mentor Huck).

And at the end of season 3, Wright was in some serious jeopardy, having run afoul of B613's new/old director, Rowan Pope (that's right, Olivia's dad). His last scene ended with a Secret Service agent (already shown to be a secret B613 operative) stepping in to protect Pope and aiming a gun at Wright.

Now comes news that actor Columbus Short won't be returning. It looks like it's fall out from his wife's accusation that he tried to kill her. Um, yeah, I think "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes wants the drama on-screen, not off-screen.

If you're keeping score, that leaves just Huck and Whelan to run OPA. That is, if Huck is in any condition after apparently re-uniting with his long-lost family. (Then again, I suppose season 4 could open with Whelan and Huck welcoming Perkins back, considering that Perkins had recently declared her love for Huck before being dumped when she led him to his family....)

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